Sunday, 16 May 2010

Great! Home now, I pick up my poorly pc tomorrow from the menders so i should be able to sign in and add pics to my Blog, you never know - I might even begin to write something interesting......Anyhoo Copenhagen was great ( I think ) We then moved on to Helsinki where we stayed for a couple of days, great place, great food, great crowd although someone did stop and point at me and shout "M.C Hammer" I have no idea why, Do I look like him?!?
Imelda has now decided on the Album cover (which looks great) and we we've been informed that Radcliffe and Maconie will be playing Imeldas' forthcoming single on their show Monday 17th ( which sounds great ).
Back to London on Tuesday to start the Jeff Beck rehearsals and then straight into our small but perfectly formed UK mini tour - Nice!

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