Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gloucester Guild Hall last night was maybe one of the hottest gigs we've had, Gig was fantastic, The Bonneville Barons were supporting and they were great - here I am pictured with the great Double Bass player Yann, always a pleasure to see these guys.
Also pictured with one of the nuttiest people to ever come and see us, I think his name was Warren and he went for it in a big way, I had to get a snap of him and I hope he sees this!


  1. Thanks for the pic Al!
    Was a top evenings entertainment, when are you coming back?
    Warren AKA The nutter at the front

  2. The Guildhall gig was amazing! Thanks for an amazing night! Cheers - Lee (the long-haired swaety pitted muppet in the background)


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