Friday, 2 March 2012

A week in the Life....
Apart from doin the doo with Pete & Co, Family Time was spent visiting the Dr Marten Factory, just outside Northampton, a village called Wollaston, Wellinborough, great sleepy little place that has been the home of this factory since 1960! with an amazing outlet where you can pick all the classic Doc designs up for 25 English quids! Bargain!!! ( thats my brother John in one one of the photies)
Drove out to Gressley, Derbyshire to eat in the '50s American Diner' This is a real American Diner that started life in New Jersey U.S, I don't know the full story but rumour has it that there was a murder in it, whether that has anything to do with it being moved I don't know but this place is unbelievable, The Owners Trish and Trev are completely dedicated in making it as authentic as possible - great fun!
March 1st was World book day, all the school kids were encouraged to attend school dressed as their favourite literary character, Tallulah dressed as Max from Where the Wild things are, she won an Easter egg for having the best costume! Thats my girl, mind you, Saff made the costume and thats what she does so maybe we should've given the prize back because we had an unfair advantage........yeah right.


  1. That seriously is a great Wild Things costume - so cute!

  2. Cool, I play rockabilly slap bass and guitar. I also come from Northampton and my grandparents live in Wollaston. I now live in France though.

  3. Hey Al, whats the story with The Mystery Machine? Is that yours or one you happened to pass? I've seen it before at a lot of VW shows...


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