Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fantastic sellout homecrowd gig at Birminghams Glee Club with Pete Williams, just fantastic, and a right old knees-up ensued at the Pub after.....Fantastic!

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  1. dear al and family, you have the sweetest little girl and such a sexy kitten of a wife, you are so lucky to have these two lovely's to come home to. So nice you guys got to spend some fun time together, pretty soon Tuhlula will have a new baby to play with and maybe dress up for halloween with, Saff, you are just an amazing designer, Imelda's dress for the Grammy's was a work of art and all the dresses you make for your friend are lovely. Such Talented people all of you. Have fun together, life is very short. Eileen Howard in London ontario Canada, saw you in Toronto with Imelda Al, you are a great musician and thanks for doing the blog. it is nice to see you in other parts of your lives.


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