Saturday, 3 March 2012

Today to celebrate the release of the Ripping Yarns series on DVD, Monty Pythons Terry Jones and Michael Palin had the genius idea of organising a Hopathon, 400 metres on one leg AND enter the Guinness book of Records! I signed up and had a great day, completed the track in less than 20 minutes! It's harder than you can imagine.......and hilarious, me and a coupla mates even got a cheeky pic on the winning podium! I can hardly walk.


  1. HEy sweetie, we need some new photo's and info about your travels, you have not said a word since March 3rd, don't tell me someone stole your camera again. Hope you and the little woman and your adorable daughter are all having a great spring and no fear, summer is coming, and Imelda will have a new little friend for your dear sweet child. I have had 3 girls, they are 36, 32, 31 now, but I still remember the days when they were young and life was so very exciting, as they learned something new every minute. Let's see how your gigs are going and that special little family of yours, those who boot shop together at the best boot shop in the universe, stays together. Love to you Al. try to be here, if not everywhere, we miss you and your great photo's.

  2. where are all the road photo's we miss ya Al


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