Thursday, 13 October 2011

Woke up in Kentucky, we played a big-ass-boomy Theatre, great gig with great people, we would have sold the bugger out too if the unmentionable greedy people hadn't overpriced the tickets.


  1. Great show in Lexington! I bought 2 tix @ $31 each. My wife punked out on me at the last minute, so I ended up paying $62 (and driving 100 miles one way) to see you guys - worth every penny!! Crowd probably would have been a little more rowdy if it were not a dry campus. I thought about trying to sneak a flask in, but didn't want to get booted and miss the show. Next time through the midwest, hit the Cincinnati area, specifically a place called Southgate House in Newport, KY. Great venue!

  2. My daughter Kara, 14 yrs old, and I traveled 2 hours to the Lexington, Ky show on my Birthday..Imelda May and the band made it very memorable!! Imelda not only has an incredible voice and on-stage presence and style (My daughter (& I) loved the dress)...but is such an authentic and down-to-earth person that shines through in her shows!! The band was also great individually and as a perfect compliment to Imelda!! A shout-out to the gentleman who was selling cds and t-shirts....Enjoyed our conversation before the show and many thanks for helping my daughter pick out the perfect t-shirt for her after the show!! My daughter said to me to me after the show that her friends are going to be jealous about her coming to the show....they just don't know it yet!!...she also posted the comment on her facebook..."Imelda May Rocks!!"...Thanks again Imelda for a great show and making my birthday extra special!! My daugther and I can't wait to see you again soon!!


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