Thursday, 13 October 2011

fly to L.A for the Jay Leno show - always fun, its customary to shower the producer and Jay in gifts as they always get Imelda something nice, blankets, hand carved chess sets, chocolates and flowers, Imelda really pulled out the stops this time, she showered them with tatty old car mags, knackered old key fobs, airport chocs and a Harrods plastic bag.....oh yeah and a tea towel.

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  1. Al Gare you are the best. Ever want good wings get your butts back to Ann Arbor/Detroit. Saw you with Jeff in Ann Arbor thanks to some great tickets from Gibson and totally dug it. You beat that double bass like a bad lil brother...hahah. Takes a bass player to know a bass player and you were awesome. Been tracking you guys ever since and totally dug the last Leno gig. Hope to see you back in the area soon, meanwhile I am spreading the gospel on Mayhem and the band.


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