Saturday, 8 October 2011

Chicago, not only the best gig of the tour but I think I'm safe in saying the best gig we've done in the U.S to date, couldn't believe the attendance - Chicago really came out for us, pictured is Imelda with Uber-Agent Ron Kaplan and a Sneaky Freak group shot outside the Bus, off to Kentucky now.


  1. A big THANK YOU to Imelda and the band for your great music! The energy and music at the Park West were stellar! Thanks for taking the time after the show to chat and pose. After meeting you, it was awesome to see how cool and down to earth all of you are. Thanks for keeping it real. It makes me even a bigger fan. I would like to wish you ALL continued success, keep making great music and come back to Chicago soon, don't be strangers! Big Al, the blog is brilliant! Keep up the good work. Sincerely, P.J. Klocek

  2. Imelda and Co....Thanks so much for all the great music and an amazing night. Chatting with you after was the icing on the cake. See you next time. Proud to be part of the "Sneaky Freak" group!

  3. Al - Great to meet you after the show. Glad you had such fun in Chicago! Come back soon - I'll bring my harmonicas and we'll jam at the Hideout!

    -Timmy G! - The Smoking Section

  4. Al, I am the guy that made Darrel's Eddie Cochran strap. I am so sorry I didn't get to meet you all. The concert was definitely brilliant as were you all! I hope to get the measurements for all of your straps soon! From one musician to another you all are just the best and hopefully next time you all are in Chicago we can get a pic together!

    Bob Bobkat Johnson


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