Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Phew! after a 10 hour journey, we arrive at Washington, wind a little out of my sails - nothing seems to phase Imelda and just look at that big strong man who came to help us.
I now have 206 followers! Go Garey!


  1. Glad to know all is well in "Imelda's World!" You all certainly look none the worse for wear!

    Counting the hours now 'til you're HERE!!!!! (Any chance you can have the Troc reserve a table of 6 for your best Philly fans???? Me and April Mae and a June bug plus three new fans!!)

    Can't wait!!! Safe travels!

  2. My friend Johnny Kay, former lead guitarist for Bill Haley and the Comets, is coming to the Philly gig! He's looking forward to meeting Imelda and Darrel afterwards (arranged by Emily) - say hi if you see him!


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