Monday, 11 July 2011

Jeeeeez, note to self, don't mix champagne, Lager, Guinness and vodka shots, woke up with a screaming hangover shaking like a Dyslexic on Countdown, never again!
Tonight we play Somerset House in London, there you go, all up to date, more tomorrow!


  1. What a brilliant night at Somerset House - you were all absolutely fantastic - thanks!

  2. Seconded, a fantastic gig -as always. I like the new(?) purple fact you all looked very smart tonight, is this a new band image ?

    p.s. According to a friend of mine in LA, you're due back over in the USA soon - good luck with the tour ! (she asked me if you were worth seeing live....silly question !!)

  3. Al, How may bottle tops does that add up to? Whos counting? Oxegen was a great gig for the band and the fans.Might see yez in London August.


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