Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fantabulous gig at the 9.30 Club, Washington, bloody hot though! We shared the bill with legend Wanda Jackson, It was the best I've heard her, great stuff!
Imelda seems to have aquired an addiction to humidifiers, she now has four on the bus to protect her voice from the ailments of air con, unfortunately she is in the bunk above me so outside my little curtain its like being in the bleedin Congo, what with that and her snoring, not to mention the Guffing its hellish!
After hearing about my Marathon entry Imelda has volunteered me for the Video of Road runner, which will be filmed in New York in the next couple of days - in this heat!?!


  1. Wait. WHAT????!!! The marathon's for REAL???!!! I just thought you were gonna do a prank...and then become a video star!

    Run Al, RUN!!!!

  2. I see ME in that 9:30 shot from your perspective. Expect to hear from my lawyers!! I'll settle for another show in DC sometime soon. Thanks for an incredible rock-n-roll evening. You guys have it all going on!


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