Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 38

Perth was a great end to the tour- great crowd and we were on form. Imelda is on the up and up- her control of an audience is exceptional which makes our jobs easy. Perth is fantastic and is what I imagined Australia to be like- in the bigger cities you could really be anywhere. I hope we come back.
After 38 days away; 8 crappy basses; 10lb of buffalo wings; moose balls; Kangaroo steak; patti melts; chilli burgers; chilli dogs; corn dogs, Gumbo; jambalaya; clam chowder; colossal blossoms; open sandwiches; closed sandwiches; grilled sandwiches; French toast; eggs benedict; pizza; pasta; a surprisingly good Vindaloo and an unsurprisingly bad Taco Bell... Maker's mark whiskey; Jameson; Guinness; Bud; Stella; Corona;Red Stripe; Blue brand; Tooheys Ale; VB; 2 gallons of Cherry Coke and 14 gallons of coffee.. I'm ready for home!


  1. You spelt 'Guinness' wrong.

    Come on, hurry back... it's your round. And, I want to have a look at your colossal blossoms x

  2. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Makers Mark and Moose Balls!! A lovely Combo with a water Back!!!


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