Thursday, 1 April 2010

Day 31

We left LA on the 29th and got to Sydney Australia on the 31st! What happened to the 30th?!

Anyhoo, we are now in Brisbane and the weather is beautiful although there's not a great deal to do- which suits me as all I want to do is chill, baby- so sat on my balcony and finished my book 'Devil in the White City' by Gary Larson. Look it up, it's great!
Darrel went in the sea and got stung by a jellyfish which made him walk like Gene Vincent and I ate some suspicious noodles that made me walk like Douglas Bader.

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  1. Was with Scratch last night... he drank 10 pints of something that made him walk like a 22 stone blacmange on stilts x


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