Thursday, 1 April 2010

Day 32- April 1st 2010. Early....

Doing a festival today at Byron Bay. We are on just before Brian Auger who is then followed by Doctor John so hopefully I'll get some good snaps.
Still can't upload photos due to virus. : ( However had a great day at the Byron Bay festival- we went down a storm. Saw Brian Auger- he was great! Electric Leg used to play 'Ellis Island'- I now feel a bit embarrassed as I've now seen how it should be played first hand and it were AWESOME! I met and chatted to him after but was too shy to ask for a pic together.
Also saw Doctor John- very colourful. i saw dragonflies as big as my hand and literally 100s of frogs smaller than my little finger nail.
And I ate Kangaroo- lovely! x


  1. Dragonflies as big as your hand and frogs smaller than your little finger nail? Was you sharing Doctor John's 'medication' with him?

    And you ate Skippy?!?! Was it you that killed Bambi too? Bastard.

    Tres jealous of your Auger experience!

    Jam House with James, Paul and Pete last night. Bostin. Danny was a 'no-show'.

    Love to all x

  2. Where have you gone??!? (it's a couple o'days since you posted) Did you get fed-up of it all?

    Was the USA 'christmas day', Australia 'boxing day' and your blog the 'bored-of/unwanted toy'?


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