Monday, 3 September 2012

Sshhhhhhhh..........I think we're alone now,there doesn't seem to be anyone around. Ok, I'm back, most of you may know by now that Imelda and Darrel are the proud parents of a bouncing baby no-tail called Violet, Mother and child are healthy Just Father is suffering with wind. More on that when I can over the next couple of Instalements. Lots of Stuff happening since July, Re-release of the Pete Williams Album 'SEE' with a few particularly choice gigs, knockout Big Boy Bloater shows and just recorded an Album for The Kat Men which is Darrel Highams side project with Slim Jim Phantom on Drums, release date for the Album is early next year with an extensive tour but we have a few taster gigs coming up in the UK from Oct 4th, check the facebook page for details or I guess the dates will also go on Imeldas site too. This Blog however over the coming weeks will be lending itself to my Marathon training progress - yep thats right, Just over a year ago Imelda and I filmed the roadrunner video, I had already drunkenly signed up to the challenge of running a Marathon a few weeks before which is why I was chosen for the video, nobody believed I would go through with it. Anyhoo, its because of that very reason that I have embraced the challenge,believe me, I've doubted myself more than 217 times whether or not I can finish it, I really am the 'from couch to Marathon' guy! I drank like a pig and ate like a fish and was clearing almost 20 cigars daily, Eeeewwwwwwww! SO, my Marathon date is September 30th 2012 at the beautiful Loch Ness, I know, only 1 month to go! don't get me wrong, I have been training all year, I quit the smokes without a hitch and now wish I had done it long before, my eating is also healthier, however I still happily drink like a pig. I shall update a lot more frequently now, It may be higgledy-piggledy and may not be in the right order but isn't that part of the charm?


  1. Mr Anderson. Welcome back, we missed you.

  2. OMG, he's back!!!!

    Hadn't heard about Violet's arrival.... Parents must be over the moon!!! Congratulations to all!!!

    I've dreamed of running a 5k. Well, you've way outdone me there!!!! Good luck!!

  3. Good luck for the marathon! PS come play in Australia xxx

  4. how great to see your awesome voice again and to know you and the girls are grand. and the new girl too, hope we can see a photo soon, I know these are very special private times for mom and dad and baby and all the granny's and grandpa's aunties and uncles and her own band. We would adore to see her in real life but way over in Canada it will be a bit of a wait. We would also just love to see your precious young one who is probably off to collage since last blog, we know how busy life has been though so we just so appreciate the update. Please give your little charmers over there big hugs from all your Canadian fans of which you guys have millions now, especially me and my whole family.Love and faith and happiness to all the people you love and cherish and have a great time with all the happy events to come. Love ya and keep the world a turnin, let the music guide us all to peace and forgiveness. Eileen Howard Fralick London ontario Canada


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