Friday, 14 September 2012

Hello again, So this particular post is for anyone that may be interested in taking the time to do this running thing, I appreciate it may be boring for some so please if this is the case move on to the next entry. When I first started (a year ago), I thought this would be a doddle, my first run I couldnt even run to the end of my road (honest) so I briskly cacked my pants about the whole thing and joined a Gym straight away, I'm not a Gym person but found it helpful talking to people there that live this 'other' life, anyhoo at the crux of it- talk is just talk and my running on a treadmill was labourious and boring and just made me wonder why i wasn't doing something else more enjoyable, even though the treadmills had tv screens showing Jeremy Kyle ( is this supposed to enhance your running experience?). I tried everything from ipod playlists to spoken word books, I found the whole experience mind-numbing UNTIL a friend of mine advised me to get out in the fresh air, I had about 6months before my dreaded Marathon date and had nothing to lose, about a mile down the road there is Sutton Park, a beautiful park which boasts 7 pools, wild horses, woods, swans, ducks - you name it, very La-de-da and is roughly 15 mile around, I gave it a whirl, it was something I should have done long before, I loved it straight away, such a fantastic place to have practically on my doorstep, I'd look forward to going every morning and my distance and time changed drastically, before long I was running 10k every other day,I then moved out of the park having heard of the National Cycle paths and Greenways, these are a network of cycle paths and walkways that are all over the UK, look em up, you'll be suprised how many there are and how close they are to you, this along with the website walkjogrun where it shows you all possible routes from your postcode, it's never been easier! anyhoo I'm going to jump ahead now as I'm starting to bore myself, I'm now running 12 - 15 miles each run (one day on, one day off) and pretty much look forward to each one, The timing is no longer important to me, I have a few weeks to go before My Marathon now so I'm going to up the runs for the next 10 days, I'd ideally like to run 18/19 miles then wind it down before the big day. ok, thats enough of that for now, Beer swilling and Buffalo wings devouring will resume shortly but for now enjoy this pic of Sutton Park, how could you tire of seeing that each morning!


  1. Imma gonna hafta try it fer meeself.....

    Good fer ya, mate!!

  2. Good luck with the marathon Al. I have been running 9 mile a day for the past 3 months. Thinking about doing a half marathon next year now I am back in the UK permanently for my troubles. Kat Men coming to Brum I hope !!!


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