Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ok, so after the embarming gig, we get up so early that we travelled back in time! flew back to Germany to finish our mini tour.....Frankfurt? or could it have been Hamburg...It wouldn't take me long to find out I'm sure but my brain is fizzing, my ankle hurts and I've forgotten my mums Birthday! Arse!
Anyhoo, here is a pic of the last German date - one of my faves to be honest, and look there's my good self with Animal Rushton and "sir" Priseman practicing our 3 part harmonies.


  1. Hi Al! The picture was taken in the legendary Batschkapp in Frankfurt. And the gig was brilliant indeed. Thanks a lot, hope to see you soon again.

  2. That was Frankfurt. I know this, because I was there. It was simply a fantastic performance of ye. Never heard a version of "Johnny got a boom boom" that good


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