Saturday, 4 June 2011

Munchen, another great gig, we then get up at stupid o'clock to fly to Dublin to play for his Royal heiness Barroca Balma, I wasnt allowed to take pictures because I slagged his house off in an earlier post, It was a pretty high profile gig I can tell you, along with our awesome miming talents were pop putrids Jedward and Westlife, much fun was had by all and Bazzer was so impressed he furnished everyone with a packet of presidential M&Ms, when I say everyone - his generosity didn't stretch as far as the Band, apparently he was only allowed one bag on aerlingus, Imelda got a pack and brought them on the bus so we could ooo and aaahh over them, what secrets do theses mystic m&ms hold!

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  1. Rest assured Al, there'll be treats for all in July!


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