Friday, 23 July 2010

Aaahh, day 27 and off to beautiful Vienna for their famed Jazz festival, after a lovely night off in the hotel bar, we get to the gig fresh as a stinging nettle, This place is stunning and pictures just don’t do it justice, so here is a pic of Dave showing how ecstatic he is.

Gig went pretty good and I played the nicest sounding Bass I’ve ever had supplied, It looked like it had been dragged up in the Mary Rose but sounded like a dream, Don’t get me wrong – It may sound like I’m ungrateful of all the other hire Basses that have been provided for me over the years and that’s because I am, sometimes providing me with a student Bass with a 30 quid pickup strapped to it or a microphone wrapped in a t-shirt stuffed into the tailpiece just doesn’t cut it.
Ahh Vienna xxxx

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wowzers - Its Day 26! after a liquid sleepover in someplace near Oxford, we (Coff and I) venture forth to the prestigeous CORNBURY FESTIVAL, yet another festival with a great lineup! Imelda May, Dr John (again?) Buddy Guy, Noisettes and my fave raves "Squeeze" not to mention David Lakeman and Seth Gray! anyhoo Cornbury has been pretty good to us over the years and this year we had headline spot on the second stage, went down a storm! loved it, Cornbury is a great festival with a difference, its like a Garden fete with mild pogoing, the sort of place you really can take the whole family - of coarse I would say that wouldn't I, Hugh Philimore who helps run cornbury festival alongside the real brains Caroline and Emily, does happen to also be Imeldas Manager, so please take it from me, no matter what anyone says - Its not crap, its ace!.
Here is a pic of Imelda talking at Dr John, I too would liked to have had a word but unfortunately Dr John wont speak to anyone taller than himself - note Imelda had to take her shoes off - oh look there's Peter Greene sitting there in the background...hold on he wasn't even on that gig!

Ok so I've let the blog slip a bit, so sue me! please be patient while I trudge through the glittery showbiz memories of the past few weeks......
Ok, here we go! Day 25, Just home for the time it takes to blow ones nose, look at it and say eaugh then its off to Sunny Hop Farm Festival in Kent, This was a great festival with a terrific lineup, Imelda May, Dr John, Peter Greene, Blondie, Los Lobos and Van Morrison and that was just the day we were there! anyhoo, much fun was had by all although I felt that the fest would have benefit from another 10'000 punters, sometimes even great weather and a great music can't persuade some lazy bastards out of their armchairs can it!
I didn't get any pics from this festival but if I find any I'll attach at a later date, here is a picture of Ralph the thief just in case you may have forgotten about him.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 24, "Psycho" The brand spanking new Imelda May single is out today and we're performing at the Borderline, London, for....I'm not sure why, I think it was competition winners and Record Company gubbinz, with this knowledge I half enjoyed it

Here is a picture of Coff our sound man, he used to go to school with George Formby's Dad.
Day 23, Lovely, a day off, just enough time to put my feet up and catch up on my hatemail, I love sending that stuff, it keeps me going.
had a good chat with Tallulah my Daughter about Dinosaurs, ate lovely Tapas and early night for tomorrow its the Borderline, London!
I couldn't help but notice that ALL Band details have been removed from The Official Imelda May Website, I'm sure that this must be just a clerical error and obviously normal transmission will resume shortly.
Here is a lovely pic from Spain of Dave Vanian from The Damned and I that I forgot to include in an earlier post.
Day 22, Same ole, same ole, Glastonbury Avalon stage was really good, didn't really have chance to catch any bands though which was a shame, got to see Stevie Wonder again which was brillo, we performed a live version of "Psycho" at around 11.30pm for the BBC, just after Mark Ratcliffe interviewed Mr Wonder inches away from us, Id like to say for that moment Stevie and I broathe the same air but at Glastonbury thats not always a pleasant experience.
We then high tail it outta there as tomorrow is a well deserved day off.

Day 21, Glastonbury today, its all a bit much but we are genuinely looking forward to kicking some seriously Hippie ass! Paddy our lovely tour manager informed us its his 17th Glastonbury festival! look how excited he is..

After a refreshing sleep in the bus and a belly full of mung beans from catering, we hit the Acoustic tent - Great gig!
Day 20, Spain Rock Fest!! Jeez, a hot one baby! Two gigs today, one in the Market square to show Locals that "look rock can be pretty too, come to our festival". Great crowds as you can see and a fantastic night, The line-up was Imelda May, Slash, The Damned and finally KISS, I stayed up for the Damned then went to bed.

I would liked to have stayed up but Jet lag had kicked in and we had a 4am lobby call for the Airport as its Glastonbury tomorrow!

Day 19, Back in UK just long enough to use the Loo and we're off to Victoria Rock Festival, Spain, This was excellent as 1. The Festival line-up was brilliant and B. I get to meet up with some mates!
We caught AIRBORNE which is one of Coffs favourite bands, I didn't really get it but it was his Birthday so I told him I thought they were amazing, heard some of the Black Lips which I enjoyed but was in no state to converse at that point so my judgement may have been clouded, had a great time with Imelda, Captain sensible and Magic Dave ( The Damned's stage tech )Imelda had a headbang in her imaginary moshpit and Magic Dave and I thought "what a silly arse"

Day 18, Fly home today from Denver, somehow the words "Denver" and "fly" feel strange together, anyhoo we get to the Airport and its like a scene from C.S.I Dublin as we find our lovely dependable driver Ralph has been a dirty imposter all along, yes, thats right RALPH....I know! turns out a substantial amount of money found its way to his wallet using the sidewalk of shame route, anyway, all sorted now, here is a nice pic of me and the now jobless Ralph.