Friday, 23 July 2010

Aaahh, day 27 and off to beautiful Vienna for their famed Jazz festival, after a lovely night off in the hotel bar, we get to the gig fresh as a stinging nettle, This place is stunning and pictures just don’t do it justice, so here is a pic of Dave showing how ecstatic he is.

Gig went pretty good and I played the nicest sounding Bass I’ve ever had supplied, It looked like it had been dragged up in the Mary Rose but sounded like a dream, Don’t get me wrong – It may sound like I’m ungrateful of all the other hire Basses that have been provided for me over the years and that’s because I am, sometimes providing me with a student Bass with a 30 quid pickup strapped to it or a microphone wrapped in a t-shirt stuffed into the tailpiece just doesn’t cut it.
Ahh Vienna xxxx

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