Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ok so I've let the blog slip a bit, so sue me! please be patient while I trudge through the glittery showbiz memories of the past few weeks......
Ok, here we go! Day 25, Just home for the time it takes to blow ones nose, look at it and say eaugh then its off to Sunny Hop Farm Festival in Kent, This was a great festival with a terrific lineup, Imelda May, Dr John, Peter Greene, Blondie, Los Lobos and Van Morrison and that was just the day we were there! anyhoo, much fun was had by all although I felt that the fest would have benefit from another 10'000 punters, sometimes even great weather and a great music can't persuade some lazy bastards out of their armchairs can it!
I didn't get any pics from this festival but if I find any I'll attach at a later date, here is a picture of Ralph the thief just in case you may have forgotten about him.

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  1. Seriously???? The bus driver was a criminal????? (Please note: Did you see the "G" 'for GULLIBLE' emblazed on my forehead at the Johnnny Brenda show???) That is just almost too unreal to be real!!!


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