Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Great day today, rehearsals have gone super smashing great with the Pete Williams Band, great bunch of guys and great music, we're only doing a few gigs but I'm really looking forward to them.
I also heard from the Imelda May camp that our Royal Albert Hall gig has now sold out! Does a day get any better!?


  1. Is that Shez Sheridan there with you Al? Tracks I've heard so far are fantastic. Good luck with it!

  2. "Heard" from the Imelda May Camp, thought you were part of that camp, could this so called happy announcment be the begining of the end, me thinks so, so sad.

  3. O.K, I never normally leave comments on my own blog BUT Cyril, I do take offence after reading yours!
    I am indeed a part of the Imelda Camp, along with far too many to mention - some I don't even know the names of or even what they do, so It's no suprise that info comes from the management through to us, thats business isn't it?
    As for the "so called" happy announcement, these are my friends, I couldn't be happier for them both, I have a Daughter and she's fantastic fun 24/7. Darrel and Imelda will be fantastic parents. Why the begining of the end?, I think it is selfish of you to even think this way and you obviously don't know Imelda, there is nothing sad about it!
    I won't be replying to anymore comments, I shan't be removing any posts either.
    Again this is a personal Blog for Friends and family that Imelda thought would be nice to link from her website, so please be aware and don't be thoughtless pricks whilst leaving comments.

  4. She's gonna be a rockin' little momma!

  5. As an..ahem...aside, lookin forward to the Pete Williams Band shows and reading more from you Al. The internets is a strange place indeed.....


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