Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Erdington, Birmingham, It's where I live.
This sad looking place above Walmley's and the PDSA shop was, believe it or not, voted "Best Rock venue in the World" by American Billboard magazine in 1969. It was only open for just over 3 years but boasted an unbelievable array of stars that trod those boards: Black Sabbath, Elton John, The Who, Traffic, Fleetwood Mac,T-Rex to name but a few- Pink Floyd even recorded part of a live Album there!
The name of the venue was Mothers- look it up!


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  2. I had no idea, that's mental! There's an actor on a US sci-fi TV show I really like and when I looked him up I found out he's from Erdington! Who knew it had the potential to be so cool? I mean aside from the credibility we brought to living there, obviously...


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