Thursday, 11 August 2011

Get to seattle at around 2.30am and check in to our hotel, ironically I can't sleep, I have an early morning stroll and take a couple of pointless snaps, we're in the University district, very cool, very bohemic, not at all like Frasier!
Missing home a lot today and feel like I'm treading water until I get there, I did nothing but mope about in Vintage clothes shops all day, It really catches up when you have a night off, Off to bed now, early night, I'll feel better after a good kip.

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  1. This was a great show... I photographed and wrote it up for Popmatters. Sorry for the loud back of the house; that's what a bar will do for ya. Incidentally, Al, I began my music-writing career in a house about six blocks from this theater... you call the district "bohemian," we still call it a pit! Hope Imelda recovers quickly!


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