Monday, 31 January 2011

Right so where are we, it must be around 31st/32nd Jan, anyhoo landed in Dublin last night, and believe it or not I had an early night, I've acquired a perforated eardrum you see, so I've been off the Grogg and oilies for best part of..lets see...15 days 11 hours and 28 min.
I regard Dublin as my step-home, not my real home but my step-home, I love it here and find it very relaxing, we have 2 sold out nights at Vicar Street starting tonight, should be fun although I'm a tad worried about my deafness!
Here is a pic of my favourite drinking hole in Dublin - Bruxelles, They serve the finest Irish coffee I've ever tasted, honest,

Its a must if you're visiting, Its also the place where Imelda started out when she was about 15 way back in the late 90s....ahem.
Lovely statue of Phil Lynott outside Bruxelles - and so there should be!

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