Saturday, 25 July 2015

So,here we are, Friday 24th July 2015, tonight is the first episode of the second series of The Imelda May Show, shown on RTE 1! A very exciting series it is too featuring an eclectic mix of music from Hothouse Flowers to the Boomtown Rats and from the lost brothers to the bionic rats, its going to be quite refreshing hearing Imeldas name linked once again to music which occasionally the red top press and some of the holier than thou folk seem to forget , a private life is exactly that, it shouldn't have anything to do with their job, its pretty savage & heartless to print provocative gossip articles about absolute bollocks they know nothing about, and no that isn't the price of fame. Its been a crazy old year, births, deaths, marriages & breakups, have toured all over the blummin place, chasing the sun around the globe & through the middle, Oliver Darling has taken over Guitar duties, a new Album is in the pipeline for early next year with obviously more touring, i shall also add a link here of Darrel Highams new Album which comes out soon with some pretty exciting guests appearing on it. I hope you enjoy the show tonight, there was a lot of hard work involved and a ton of fun had ! I shall also add pictures as soon as I learn how to upload them onto this ere contraption, mucho love Alsy x

Sunday, 19 July 2015

New beginnings and all that

Well, this week seems like a good place to start my blog again, its been a rocky year since my last post, its all Rock 'n' Roll baby!