Monday, 28 February 2011

Perth is tooo hot!

Not sure what day it is but we fly to Perth for our Perth festival show - JeeeeeeeeZ the heat is unbelievable! Good gig, we had a fantastic after show party and met lots of really great people. I like Perth but too bloody hot!

Great first gig and fantastic crowd in Denmark - AVE IT!

Imelda is very afraid of Australian spiders!

Woke up groggy at the Dog Rock hotel, maybe not quite as refreshed as I would have liked but there you go, outdoor venue tonight which is sold out! we saw Kangaroos just jumping around during our soundcheck - surreal.

First stop Denmark, Australia, night off so myself, Stage king Coff, Sound Lord Trev and Ozzie promoter Roscoe sample some beers in a spit 'n' sawdust bar - lovely!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

30 hour journey! doesn't anyone read my contract small print!?! It clearly states that if the journey exceeds 2 hours then I send my stunt double! anyhoo,I'm here now. Good trip over to Oz, as you can see, Thats Imelda and I shmoozing in Kuala Lumpa Jungle...which was in the middle of the Airport!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

5 freakin A.M this morning I got up! kissed the girls and caught myself the iron bird to Belfast to film a programme for channel 4 which even though I've just done it I cant for the life of me think what it's called, It was a bit do I say without offending....crappy, I expected more from channel 4, I don't know why, maybe It's because I was there at its birth, when they had a little green triangle in the corner of the screen to warn/alert you the programme you were watching would have nookie in it.
Lots and lots and lots and lots of waiting around, this pic of Dave sums the day up!

5am pickup tomorrow for the hairport - we're going to AUSTRALIA! I think Perth is our first stop but who am I to interfere. so next update in 24 hours x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Feb 22nd, just enough time to rush back home and take the girls to the Zoo! Great day!

Really enjoyed the Amazon House with the Gorillas and Elephants but was a little disappointed with the Lost Children at the Main House, they all looked a bit sad.

Off to Belfast tomorrow to meet up with Imelda etc for a Channel 4 programme called.... I cant remember so I'll add that in tomorrows installment x

Monday, 21 February 2011

So off I go to London to shoot a popular music Video with the Imelda May Gang, was pretty good fun although there's a lot of waiting around like a lemon. I took loads of pics but just in case I'm not supposed to be "giving anything away" I've put some that aren't really "giving anything away" on here for you to feast your eyes upon.
enjoy x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Just back for one day, tomorrow Imelda and Band are recording a video for the international release of "inside out" - better dust off my Kylie hotpants then!
As you can see this fleeting visit hasn't gone down at all well with littlun Tallulah, oh dear.

Feb 19th - ROCK CITY!!! Nottingham, I've had some great times here but never played it myself, It lived up to its name, one of, if not THE most raucous crowds of the tour and I have to say the Band were on fire tonight, Imelda, Darrel, Steve and Dave are so good - sometimes I feel like one of the audience just loving it! can you tell I've just had a great gig! a great end to this UK tour.
The brilliant Pete Williams Band opened for us, its the best I've heard him, great stuff, was good to catch up with him and Deano on Drums.
Roll call on this UK tour then:
Soundman Trev
Lightman Tom
Stageman Coff
Tourman Brett
DHP man Anton
DHP man2 Paul
Merchman Jason
Thanks guys x

Feb 18th, Southampton Guildhall, again another place we have supported in, great tonight and amply backed up by Big Boy Bloaters new Band "The Limits" great to see Matt the Mod on Drums, aint seen him for ages, unfortunately I was suffering from "Bristol Hatchet" I had overly enjoyed myself and it took its toll on the old noggin, act your age Garey you're not 20 anymore! so it was early doors for me.
Last date of the UK tour tomorrow in the legendary Rock City, Nottingham - looking forward to that muchly!
Paul from DHP and I enjoying banter at the Hatchet.
Wow looking back at this blog - all the posts are sort of looking the same aren't they, and VERY Gare heavy, well its always been a personal Blog you see for family and friends to keep an eye on what I'm up to. I now realise its been put onto Imelda's Facebook page ( tell-tale sign was going from 25 followers to over 100 in the space of about an hour )soooo I shall promise to include Imelda info as I go and a few candid snaps (not those sort!).

Feb 17th Colston Hall Bristol - Great to be back here, we've played this place about 4 times but always as a support so it was good not only to come back in our own right but sell it out too, 2000 capacity! AVE IT BRISTOL! John Lewis was support - always fantastic to see him, great crowd, great night! caught up with friends Burlesque starlett Missy Malone and The Damned tech Magic Dave.
Good people in Bristol.

Feb 15th, The ABC in Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow, so good they named it thrice. what a reception! Imelda loves the Glaswegians and it seems they love her back, couldn't have gone better, you can even see Wifie Saff in the crowd there! was great to catch up with friends too, Carol, Em, Neil, Marty etc ended up in a great old pub around the corner called The State, ironically its how we ended up!
Uh oh, looks like Alfie has delivered a text book silent but deadly to our new lighting guy Tom - that'll learn ya!

Monday, 14 February 2011

That'll be Edinburgh Castle then, and look the memory of Burke and Hare will always live on this lapdancing bar.

Feb 13th, Edinburgh, bit of a ballbreaking journey but got there in the end, Liquid rooms, very small place but brimming with atmosphere, people had travelled from Spain and of course Ireland to see us, great!
Steve was captured on CCTV and everyone got suitably sloshed back at the Hotel, great gig - really passionate people the Scots aint they!
Imelda May still confidently holds 13 position in the UK Album charts!

12th Feb, Leeds, could possibly be my favourite gig of the tour so far, Its a tough one as they have all been great, really great crowd participation though tonight.
Edinburgh tomorrow - cannae wait!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Imeldas better half, Alfie.
By day she's hatchet faced Imelda Higham who smells of biscuits and shouts at parked cars, but by night she is the super croissant haired Imelda May queen of the dessert!

Imelda in The Sun! who'd a thunk it!

Tour Manager Brett, lovely boy.

Friday 11th Feb, Newcastle, Excellent gig, really good fun, bit of a booze-up after too which is always nice.
Leeds tomorrow, nice!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Thursday 10th february, I hightail it out of Norwich straight back to sunny Birmingham for a belated birthday prez, the John Shuttleworth show at Birmingham Town Hall, absolutely brilliant, all the hits and more! standouts in the set - "Pigeons in flight", "smells like white spirit", "Kens got wind".
Thanks to lovely Dean and Charles (pictured)for the tickets - great night, off to Newcastle now!